Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Up and Running

I have just created a blog in order to keep my friends and family informed of my travels during the next several months.There will be more to come as time goes by.The above picture was taken last week on March 25,2009 on my way back home from the initial chase of the season which took me into the Hill Country and Metro Austin during rush hour.


Kurt Hulst said...

Haha I read that you posted this on April 25. Its only the 21st today. Hey Scott. You may not remember me but i have chased with you a few times. One in particular was May 12, 2004. My name is Kurt Hulst: website

Hope to see you some day on a chase again.

scott eubanks said...

Yes I remember you for sure.It's good to hear from you again and glad you caught the date error.I put this together rather quickly and somehow overlooked the date.I am new to all of this and computer illiterate so it might take a little time.Anyway, thanks for the comment and hope to see you out in the field. d.s.e.