Saturday, May 9, 2009

friday may 8,2009

I started the day in Emporia,Kansas.The previous day was a cap bust and storms did not fire until after midnight.I left Kansas around 11:00a.m. and headed south towards the Red River.After a long drive I managed to intercept a developing storm just west of I35,northwest of Ardmore,Oklahoma.It produced a nice wall cloud that came close but a 2nd storm southwest started to steal its energy and it never produced.A third storm formed down in Montague County,Texas and after the first and second storm merged into one,We decided to go south into Texas.By the time we made it to Muenster,Texas it had become night and the storm had lost its energy and was no longer as strong as it was.We decided to call it a day and ate a fine German meal in Muenster.Milage today was 643

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Vapor said...

Nice lightning strike!