Wednesday, April 29, 2009

tuesday april 28,2009

I left DFW at 5:00a.m. and headed up to 380 and went west to Brownfield,Texas.I then went southwest to Lovington,New Mexico to get out of the low clouds.There was still plenty of cloud cover so I headed south to Monahans,Texas were things improved.The first cell of the day popped up south of me between Pecos and Ft. Stockton so I raced down to see.Amazingly,I stopped to get gas and when I got back on the road it vanished from the radar.After waiting a little while another cell began near Saragosa.It took a little time to get there because of the road network and when I did it had fizzeled as well.The picture shows what it looked like by the time I got to it.A very dissapointing day.Another storm formed near Calsbad,New mexico at this time but it was too far away to get to before dark,so I decided to call it a day and spent the night in Monahans,Texas.The milage for today was 781.


Anonymous said...

You down there by that big old Road Runner?Don't forget the Marfa Lights at nightfall,I seen them with my own 2 eyes!Old Hag A Bag misses you! Ha!Jerry

scott eubanks said...

Just missed the big bird and thanks for that information. d.s.e.