Thursday, April 30, 2009

wednesday april 29,2009

This is the Cedar Hill,Texas tornado as viewed from 15 miles away north of Matador,Texas.I was under my own rotating wall cloud and could not leave.More later as time permits.Bedtime was 1:00a.m. lastnight. I started the day in Monahans,Texas and left around 10:00a.m. headed north to just east of Lubbock,Texas.Along the way,I got suckered into going after a few cells that popped up just north of Midland,Texas that were in a tornado watch box.They were impressive for a while but soon became uncatchable because of thier location and speed.I then broke off and headed for Matador,Texas were I found a rotating wall cloud a few miles north of town.While there,I saw the tornado at Ceder Hill,Texas several miles to my northwest.Todays mileage 682.


Anonymous said...

Good Picture Scott!Rain keeps comming in.Dark Clouds sometimes.Tear the PO up!!!Jerry

scott eubanks said...

What would we do then?Work under a tent? d.s.e.