Sunday, May 3, 2009

friday may,1 2009

I started the day by going to Wichita Falls,Texas and waiting for things to develop.Conditions favored us to go southwest towards Seymour,Texas.Before we got there a cell had formed near Benjamin,Texas and we quickly pursued it.We intercepted a wall cloud near Munday,Texas that came very close to putting down a tornado.We then followed the storm until it started to lose its strength a couple hours later at Stamford,Texas.We then broke off and went after another storm 40 miles or so northeast.When we arrived it too started to lose its intensity as did the previous storm.We then went and ate dinner at Seymour,Texas and was about to call it a day when something flared up southwest of us.It was about dark when we left there and went down to Throckmorton,Texas when once again the storm went down in intensity.After this I drove east to Decatur,Texas and spent the night.Todays milage was 525.


Brian Fant said...

Enjoyed chasing with you last Friday! Its great to be back in the game and back out on the Plains!

scott eubanks said...

It was good to see you again and welcome back!I will contact Amos about getting you back on the list again. d.s.e.